Friday, 27 April 2012


So glad that today is Friday. Got some time this afternoon to play with my stamps from . Today I chose to play with Sarah Shopper. This weekend I hope to find some time to play with all my new Wizard Of Oz stamps. They are so cute! Looking forward to the day when my colouring improves and I can really do that set justice. Practise,practise,practise !

Monday, 23 April 2012

Grass looks greener

My Grass literally seems greener today since the gardener came and cut it. Sometimes I think its weird to say we have a gardener that cuts the grass. Then I think we live in a townhouse and its a perk we sure aint rich. Yet its still fun to think I have a gardener . For years I never thought that we would ever even have our own home let alone somebody that comes and cuts the grass. Life is funny sometimes. Filled with unexpected blessings when you least expect them. While the grass was cut I sat at the dining room table still covered n my crafts stuff from my ladies crafty afternoon yesterday. I thought I would make a card with my Isabelle stamp from

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crafts and coffee and scones oh my :)

Great Sunday! Woke up this morning craving strawberries and whipped cream. Bald Man and I snuck out to the store while the kids slept to grab these delicacies. Came home and made a batch of crepes filled with whipped cream and strawberries. Yum! The sun was bright and warm today so we took the wee dogs out for a stroll so we could suck up some much needed Vitamin D. After our walk I came home and waited for my crafty friends. we drank chai,coffee and  hot chocolate. We had a good old fashioned gossip and chat. I need moments like these. Spending time being creative with friends who enjoy the spending time the same way. The stamps I chose to play with this afternoon was my Lulu and Friends set from ttp:// Have I mentioned I love Kraftin Kimmie stamps :)

Now my night will be spent with my Bald Man watching the Game of Thrones! My all time favourite
show. This has been a great Sunday.